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After serving the gecko lovers around the world for over 15 years, the Global Gecko Association (GGA), has reluctantly decided to close its operations.

During its entire history, the GGA operated “in the black” with sufficient operating funds (contrary to rumors), never incurring unpayable debt. Regretfully, with significant increases in postage and printing costs and declining income, the board could not find a financially sound course for its future.

As part of its legal obligations to dissolve as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, the GGA must transfer its assets to another 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides a similar service.

Since GGA’s mission is to educate the public about geckos, GGA will donate its remaining assets (including copies of its respected publication, “Gekko”) to HerpDigest—the only e-newsletter that reports on the latest scientific, conservation and husbandry news for all reptiles.

GGA published 12 editions of "Gekko," its flagship publication. Most editions are still available at the GGA website. To learn which are on sale, what price, and their contents, please visit the GGA Bookstore (link on menu). HerpDigest will soon takeover GGA publication sales at its website. Watch for announcements here and at HerpDigest's website (http://www.herpdigest.org) for updates.

If there are past or current claims against the GGA they must be presented to the GGA by January 1st, 2015. After January 1st, 2015, all such claims are considered settled and any rights to post complaints against the GGA are invalid. HerpDigest is not legally obliged to any of GGA’s past claims.

It is with deep sorrow we say good-by. We salute our past and current members, to individuals who served on the GGA board, and to contributing writers. Thank you to each and everyone who made the GGA successful over the past 15 years. Being part of GGA has been a fun and stimulating experience.

Julie Bergman
The Global Gecko Association

The current Gekko Vol. 6 No 2 is now available for purchase as well as past issues of Gekko.  Visit the GGA Bookstore for more information.

Gekko 6_2 lg

Gekko Vol. 6 No 2 has been mailed to members. 

As soon as all of GGA’s obligations are met members will receive a complete financial statement and information concerning GGA’s conclusion.


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