Gecko sounds

Geckos make different sounds for different reasons. Some are more vocal than others, but they all have a unique way of communicating with one another. gecko use sounds to warn off any approaching animal, to show aggression or dominance, and to attract mates. gecko also use sound when they are in danger or feeling threatened. In this article, we will take a closer look at what geckos feel when they make certain sounds and what those sounds mean for them!

Yes, geckos do vocalize. Gecko calls vary from “clicks”, “chit-chat”, “trills” to very extensive calls.

The word “gecko” is derived from the sound that these lizards make, which sounds like “geck-o.” They are a very vocal species, especially at night when they are most active. The sound geckos make is a type of communication to one another or to warn away any approaching creature, although some are more vocal than others.

The following is an explanation of what geckos think when they produce particular noises and what they signify.

Do geckos make noise?

Geckos are frequently observed making noises during the night, when they are most active, among pet breeders. Geckos produce a wide range of sounds, but they all serve a distinct function. A gecko’s chirping sound is an example of such a sound. Male geckos bark to warn other geckos away from their area.

Geckos make noises in response to their surroundings and how they’re feeling.

Some of the noises generated by geckos are inaudible to humans. “Chirps, clicks, and barks” are the most frequently heard sounds.

Gecko Sounds pages contain clips from various geckos. To hear each sound, turn computer volume up and click on each Sound Playing Icon.

Female Tokay gecko sound (Gekko gecko)

Female tokay gecko warning call (short). Recorded by: Greg Christenson  ©2000

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Do geckos in Hawaii make sounds?

Geckos in Hawaii can click, chirp, and even bark as a result of hunger or the need to eat. It’s not unusual for different animals to have similar noises. But these are some of the most strange and rare sounds produced by any species, anywhere in the world. Sounds that may be so loud that they can’t be heard by humans! At night, geckos make clicking noises to communicate with other gecko kinds or simply scare off rivals from.


Geckos use a variety of sounds to communicate with one another, including barks, chirps, and clicks. These noises can be inaudible to humans, and they vary depending on the gecko’s environment and mood. For example, geckos in Hawaii make clicking noises to communicate with other gecko kinds or simply scare off rivals. Geckos are a very vocal species, and their sounds play an important role in their everyday lives.