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September 10, 2011

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Gecko Sounds

Yes, geckos do vocalize. Gecko calls vary from “clicks”, “chit-chat”, “trills” to very extensive calls. 

Gecko Sounds pages contain clips from various geckos. To hear each sound, turn computer volume up and click on each Sound Playing Icon.

Juvenile Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko)
Photo by: Greg Christenson ©2002

Female Tokay (Gekko gecko) warning call (short)

recorded by: Greg Christenson  ©2000

Spectrogram showing first 0.8 seconds of female Tokay gecko warning call (short) - above
Time domain is from left to right, frequency domain is from bottom (0 Hz) to top (3000 Hz)
Color of graph shows volume with dark blue lowest to dark red highest.

All sound clips are copyrighted, so please do not use or reproduce without proper permissions from the copyright holder.

To submit a recorded gecko call for this section please send it as a .wav attachment (PCM 22.050 kHz, 8 or 16 Bit, Mono) to  . Authors should extend copyright permission to the GGA for educational use